2018 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Rocket Software

View From the Top By Julianna Cammarano, Director of Product Marketing for the MultiValue Platform and BI

When it comes to technology workhorses, it’s hard to think of a better example than the MultiValue application platform. After all, there aren’t many systems that are still going strong—and driving real value for organizations—after nearly 50 years. One reason MV is still relevant is it continues to adapt to every innovation, from distributed computing to mobile to cloud. It just works.

The biggest challenge to MultiValue isn’t technical: it’s people—younger engineers aren’t aware of or educated in MultiValue hence they don’t understand the architecture, concepts and power of the platform. Today, MV shops are struggling to fill open positions and maintain their applications. That’s why Rocket is dedicating resources and developing an expanding partner ecosystem to fill the MultiValue talent gap by engaging with younger developers.

We’re bringing MultiValue to the masses. That’s why anyone can use our free trials to program in Python, one of the world’s most popular languages. We’ve also launched the Rocket APT MV Challenge and MV GenNext to get younger programmers integrated into MultiValue. The Rocket APT MV Challenge, a global contest powered by Rocket, partners, and direct customers, will be working with university students to learn about MV, develop applications, and enter a local contest. The payoff includes cash, internships and a trip to Rocket headquarters for a global contest. For MV GenNext, we are building a focus group of enthusiastic, innovative, and young developers to provide a fresh view of MV computing possibilities and have a voice in the product roadmap.

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