2018 VIEW FROM THE TOP: erwin, Inc.


erwin, Inc.:
The Data Governance Company

erwin is an award-winning, marketleading data modeling solution. But during the past two years, we’ve evolved from a single solution to an independent software company focused on data governance.

Our unique platform—erwin EDGE for “enterprise data governance experience”—delivers on the Data Governance 2.0 imperative: collaboration between IT and the business to produce data-driven insights, agile innovation, regulatory compliance and business transformation.

erwin DG, a SaaS-, persona-based solution is the hub, enabling every stakeholder to discover, understand, govern and socialize data. Traditional DG capabiities (business glossary, data dictionary and catalog, lineage mapping, policy authoring) are integrated with data modeling, enterprise architecture, and business process for greater visibility, control and value, including data impact analysis to manage change with lower risks and costs.

The erwin EDGE provides:

• Support for any data, anywhere—Relational, unstructured, on-premise and cloud-based data assets are coupled with well-documented business rules to ensure standards are followed.
• Collaboration/organizational empowerment—Business and IT stakeholders have consistent, persona-based views of data relevant to their roles to build trust, ensure alignment and enhance decision-making.
• Integrated ecosystem—Systems that manage and protect data are unified by a common metadata repository for consistent exchange, understanding and processing.
• Visibility across domains—A common data vocabulary removes silos between the business and IT, so changes to systems, processes and people can be measured quickly to produce the desired outcomes.
• Regulatory peace of mind—Mitigate a wide range of risks, protect customer trust and prevent reputational damage.

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erwin, Inc.