2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Actian

View From the Top by Jeff Veis, Chief Marketing Officer

Actian is honored to be selected for the 2019 DBTA 100. With datadriven solutions on the rise, the need for organizations to make decisions in the business moment, hybrid data analytics, has become an integral part of the how companies operate and compete. As the leading provider of hybrid data solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud, we solve the industry’s most demanding use cases across a multitude of industries. We believe that in an era where vendor claims promise the world, strategic solutions like cloud data warehouses are not all created equal and here is why:

Don’t confuse elasticity with performance at scale:
Many vendors will pitch elastic pay-as-you-go models with the promise that you can get virtually unlimited
storage and compute resources whenever you need them. Sounds great, only use what you need and never be limited in terms of throughput or number of users.

Architecture matters:
Slow cloud data warehouses that often run on commodity storage systems like AWS S3 may appear to be an attractive value but often quickly hit performance and reliability barriers especially as data size and concurrency grows and queries become more complex. These systems often hit a performance ceiling that additional resources cannot effectively address both from a throughput and aggregate cost perspective. Further, these offerings often have no effective way to deal with existing on-premise data sources.

Look for a cloud data warehouse that offers multicloud & hybrid data support.

Next generation offerings such as Actian Avalanche Gen III cloud data warehouse that can handle PBs of data and hundreds of concurrent users were designed with scale in mind. Its architecture design simply delivers more aggregate performance per pound of cloud platform resource than most industry alternatives, and its innovative, hybrid federated data capability means you can harness actionable insight from your data regardless of source, format, or location.

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