View from the top by Claudius Weinberger, CEO & Co-Founder

ArangoDB—Open Source, Native Multi-Model Database For Enterprises

“Does it really have to be that complicated to harness the benefits of the right data model for the right job?” This was the question which gave birth to what is today known as native multi-model and ArangoDB. ArangoDB is a native multi-model database supporting graph, document and key/value use cases with one engine and one SQLlike query language.

Each data model has its specific advantages but leveraging these advantages comes at significant costs without a flexible database like ArangoDB. Today, large enterprises easily run 20-30 different databases in production. Integrating multiple databases into one project or maintaining the skillset to operate multiple databases throughout the organization can become expensive and complex quite fast.

Our motto is: Just change a query not your whole infrastructure. Our team found a way to combine three major NoSQL data models into one core and query language. No more dirty workarounds in the application layer and no more redundancy or consistency challenges across database technologies.

Barclays, Cisco, NASA JPL, Siemens, Thomson Reuters or Nurocor are using ArangoDB as a backbone for their next generation of applications. Over 500 organizations around the globe use the open-source database or the Enterprise Edition in production today. The whole team is excited that our approach attracted way over 7000 people on Github and to be recognized by Gartner and G2Crowd as an important database solution.