2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Continuent

View from the top by Eero Teerikorpi, CEO

“Is data the new oil or not?” is a question that has been much debated and opinions differ, depending on how it is approached.

About Availability

What hasn’t been discussed much as part of this debate is the availability of oil and data. It can mean a number of things: First of all, to what extent is the resource itself available? Whether we like it or not, oil is a finite resource and won’t be available forever. Data, however, is readily available and increasingly so.

And, what about the availability to the user or consumer—i.e., the products and services that rely on either oil or data?

About High Availability

Unlike oil, data can be made available to users anywhere at any time, thanks to technologies that allow for databases to be always available, making the products and services that rely on data always available also.

This is High Availability—and we’ve seen what happened when Amazon’s services were not available…it is a costly business!

Continuent—The High Availability Company

With that, we’re thrilled to be named in this year’s DBTA 100 list of the most important companies in data, as it highlights the importance of data(base) High Availability.

We pride ourselves in providing solutions for continuous operations, enabling business-critical open source database applications to run on a global scale with zero downtime. We help ensure that our customers’ services and applications are available at all times; and we’d be delighted to talk to you about how we can make that happen for your business also.