2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: InfluxData

View from the top by Mark Herring, Chief Marketing Officer

Every minute counts in this always-on world. This is especially true for businesses that need to know what’s going on in their systems at all times so they can offer the best customer experience, respond quickly to issues and even predict where/when they might happen. This all points to one critical requirement—accurate and actionable real-time data.

Driven largely by instrumentation of systems and applications and the proliferation of IoT devices, data volumes are expected to grow exponentially over the next several years and most of that data is time-stamped ( Industry authority DB-Engines reports that adoption of time series databases is the fastest-growing database category because of the acute need to handle this data being produced by organizations in every industry and sector. InfluxData’s ( solution, InfluxDB, is a complete time series platform built specifically for metrics, events and other time-based data and it’s currently being used by thousands of organizations across the globe.

Our business value is probably best understood through the experience of our customer Coupa. Coupa helps businesses track and control the money and resources spent within their organizations through its cloud platform. The company strives for 99.999% uptime for optimal customer experience, which means that it can be down for only five minutes every year. Coupa’s initial monitoring solution could only process system metrics every 15 minutes, meaning that its business service-level agreement around uptime was impossible to meet.

With InfluxDB, Coupa now has real-time visibility into the performance of its systems every second. InfluxDB helped Coupa gain access to previously inaccessible metrics and events, providing insights into performance variation
and the ability to proactively detect anomalies across transaction and customer heatmaps. And it’s on its way to a self-scaling and self-healing system—capable of predicting issues and taking proactive action for prevention.

At a very basic level, InfluxDB helps developers and enterprises collect, store, process and visualize time series data—providing observability and insights on IoT, application, system, container and infrastructure metrics—quickly and easily without complexities or compromises in scale, speed or productivity. In this world of fast-paced, always-on and connected everything, the ability to properly handle and harvest actionable analytics from time series data is giving companies the edge they need to stay ahead.