2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Kore Technologies

View from the top Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Good news: the economy is on fire, the stock market is booming, we have the lowest unemployment since 1969 and interest rates are holding steady. Business is good so it’s time to enjoy the ride … Not so fast. Labor markets are tight, automation is threatening industries and competition is putting downward pressure on prices. Now’s the time to re-invest in your business and look for innovative ideas to stay competitive and ensure your business not only survives but thrives when the good news comes to an end, which it always does.

Kore Technologies is uniquely qualified to help your business. Our award-winning Kourier Integrator data management suite is used by hundreds of organizations to implement innovative solutions within their businesses—whether it’s building real-time integration from your ERP system to other software products to improve operations or unlocking your data and making it accessible for effective management and analysis.

As the labor force continues to become more youthful, everything needs to be on-line and in the cloud! Kore’s KommerceServer eCommerce platform allows us to quickly develop and deploy on-line integrated applications to increase your customer service levels beyond your competition. Out-of-the-box solutions are available now for a B2B/B2C integrated StoreFront, Customer Portal and Service Center.

Whatever creative ideas you have, chances are Kore Technologies has the right solution for the job. Kore has enjoyed 20+ years in business serving manufacturers, distributors and higher education so we understand your challenges. Our professional team of engineers and industry experts help us live up to our reputation: Solutions that work. People who care.

Kore Technologies