2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Melissa

View from the top by Bud Walker, VP of Enterprise Sales & Strategy

Data Management Made Simple, Speedy, Secure with Unison

Big data can certainly be a big asset. But, as data is gathered from multiple sources, Big Data can become one big mess. As a result, managing big data requires more stringent data quality routines. Melissa makes end-to-end, global data quality easy with a solution that sets the standard for data quality management—Unison.

Unison centralizes Melissa’s leading data quality APIs into one holistic platform. The intuitive, project-oriented framework empowers data stewards to easily profile, cleanse, standardize, enrich, match, merge and validate data without needing programming expertise.

Unison was designed to save time with easy, web-based installation. It has lightning-fast processing capability (50 million records per hour) by leveraging container technology and job scheduling for automated data quality routines. Because it requires no coding, programming or technical knowledge for starting up, development time is completely eliminated.

Unison can be trusted with the most sensitive information. It adds several layers of security with a user authentication system. As an on-premise platform, it can even work completely offline, so data never leaves your organization.

Unison includes features like:

• A simple, intuitive and powerful user interface, built for data stewards
• Global verification for address, name, phone and email
• Ability to append longitude/latitude coordinates with geocoding
• A client/server architecture
• Horizontal scalability across multiple servers
• Support for flat files and RDBMS platforms: Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL
• Collaboration for multiple users
• Visual analytics and reports

Put Unison to the test in your environment, using your data. Get a personal demo from a Melissa team member to see how easy it is to validate your data and streamline data prep workflows. Visit for more information and see how simple, secure and speedy Unison truly is.