2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Percona

View from the top by Peter Zaitsev, CEO & Co-Founder

Percona is the champion of unbiased open source database solutions. We provide the best solution for our customers, regardless of their database architecture or platform. As a single, trusted advisor, Percona can contain costs and maximize ROI by recommending the right solution for your specific needs. Percona’s primary goal is to level the playing field by providing secure, open, and transparent advice, solutions, and support to all of our customers, helping them avoid being taken advantage of.

Open source databases are now an established way for businesses to cost-effectively manage data. Percona is the expert, providing more secure, stable, and resilient versions of Open Source software and services.

With more than 3,000 customers worldwide, Percona is the only company that delivers enterprise-class solutions for MySQL®, MariaDB®, MongoDB®, and PostgreSQL across traditional and cloud-based platforms. The company provides Software, Support, Consulting, and Managed Services to large, well-known global brands such as Cisco Systems, Time Warner Cable, Alcatel-Lucent, Rent the Runway, and the BBC, as well as small to medium-sized businesses looking to maximize application performance while streamlining database efficiencies.

However and wherever you use your database, our enterprise-class support services make it easier for you to focus on business performance. Percona experts help optimize, architect, and maintain your environment so that your applications and websites perform at the optimum level, meeting your customers’ expectations.