2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Revelation Software

View from the top by Mike Ruane, President & CEO

When I was a freshman in college, I was sitting in a Chemistry 101 lecture with hundreds of other students, as the professor was writing equations on the board, and balancing them, very quickly. One of my fellow students raised her hand and asked the professor how he was able to write down, and balance these fairly difficult chemical equations. His answer?

“Experience and memorization.”

This thought came back to me as we were discussing a client call at our Monday morning status meeting. They had called regarding information about OpenInsight for one of the MV products on the market today, because their application, which had been written specifically for them, was showing its age, and they were looking to convert to something else.

The call was passed to one of our technical guys, who asked questions about what they were after, versions of products, number of users, and the like. When he asked, almost offhandedly, what the problem was, our tech surprised the potential customer by asking to remote in to their system and take a look. Long story short, our guy got into the source code, and fixed the problem. No need to convert to OpenInsight, at least not yet, and they have a new support option.

Our staff here at Revelation software has tremendous MultiValue experience, in many different flavors and platforms, and perhaps we haven’t let enough people know that. Before we purchased Revelation Software nineteen years ago, we were a MultiValue consulting company, and we still are.

So, let me try and be clear: Revelation Software staff and consultants have a tremendous amount of MultiValue experience and knowledge. We know there are other users and sites out there that may feel that they have been abandoned, left behind, or cast away. Rest assured, you’re not alone, and we can probably help.

Give us a call at 800-262-4747, or drop us an email at We’d love to help.