2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: SentryOne

View from the top by Douglas McDowell, Chief Strategy Officer

Is your company getting serious about moving SQL Server databases to the cloud?

You will face myriad decisions as you transition your on-premises and virtualized SQL Server databases to the cloud. Regardless of whether you choose AWS or Microsoft Azure as your platform, a solid migration plan is essential.

Here are a few essential steps to keep in mind as you develop your cloud migration and optimization plan:

1. Optimize performance and capture baselines before the migration. An unoptimized workload on-prem is an expensive workload in the cloud. Tune your databases with SentryOne SQL Sentry to run at peak performance, then capture baseline metrics. It will help you optimize the workload after the migration.

2. Analyze data schema and dependencies. As part of the re-architecture process, you can use SentryOne DBA xPress to compare and synchronize schemas and schema changes, as well as data and data changes, between on-premises and cloud databases.

3. Validate data before and after the migration. Ensure your business-critical data survives the migration intact by validating it with SentryOne Test, an automated, secure test framework that helps you identify data discrepancies.

4. Document databases and identify data dependencies. Haven’t documented your databases lately? (Ever?) You can easily automate this notoriously tedious task with SentryOne DOC xPress; then you can conduct metadata comparisons, and analyze data lineage so you can flag dependencies across your data estate.

5. Optimize your databases in the cloud. After the migration, you can tune performance to match—or exceed—your on-premises metrics by using the baselines you captured pre-migration. SentryOne has a long history of helping data teams accelerate SQL Server performance, and we offer full monitoring support for SQL Server running on Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2, as well as Azure SQL Database, Managed Instance, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Looking for more details about planning a successful cloud migration? Check out our whitepaper: Key Considerations for a Successful Cloud Data Platform Migration.