2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Striim

View from the top Steve Wilkes, CTA

Striim is patented, enterprisegrade, streaming data integration software that offers continuous realtime data ingestion (including Change Data Capture), high-speed in-flight stream processing, and sub-second data delivery to cloud and on-premises endpoints.

Through its CDC wizards, SQL–based query language, and dragand-drop UI, Striim makes it easy to deliver rich, real-time data pipelines for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, cloud-based analytics, and Kafka and Big Data integration.

Striim was founded in 2012 by core executives from GoldenGate Software, Oracle, Embarcadero, and WebLogic, and is backed by leading investors including Summit Partners, Intel, and Atlantic Bridge. Striim is based in Palo Alto, CA.

Companies worldwide use Striim to deliver realtime analysis and visualizations in the areas of real-time operations, fraud/cybersecurity, customer experience/QoS, replication, digital transformation, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Striim provides real-time integration from a wide variety of data sources including database transaction/change data, events, log files, message queues, application data and IoT sensor/device data.

Within milliseconds of the data being generated, companies can:

• filter out irrelevant data
• perform aggregations
• correlate information across streams
• combine metadata, reference and historical data with streaming data for context
• detect anomalies/outliers in real time
• perform pattern matching and advanced analytics
• integrate machine learning models

Once streaming data pipelines are in place, it’s easy to enable alerts, trigger workflows, and perform advanced analytics. Striim also provides an in-memory results store, and push-based visualizations of data and events through streaming dashboards.