2019 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Vertica

View from the top by Joy King, VP, Product Management, Product Marketing & Field Engagement

Win the Cloud Analytics Race with Vertica

More and more organizations are moving data to the cloud for improved economics and operational simplicity. The core benefit of cloud computing is clear: you can scale infrastructure elastically to accommodate business growth and variability and use operational expenditures instead of large, upfront capital investments. That level of flexibility is crucial for many organizations. But simply storing data in the cloud is worthless (and even risky) if you don’t have an analytics strategy that can scale, and delivers business insights immediately regardless of where your data is stored.

Vertica is trusted by leading data-driven enterprises, including Bank of America, Etsy, Cerner, Intuit, Uber and others to deliver speed, scale and reliability on mission-critical analytics. Vertica in Eon Mode is a deployment option that is optimized for the cloud and delivers the same advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities that power the world’s leading data-driven companies.

Vertica in Eon Mode separates compute and storage resources so you can capitalize on your existing Amazon S3 storage infrastructure investments while configuring the right EC2 compute resources to meet the intermittent or variable needs of your analytic workloads.

Want to learn more? Check out our recent Webcast: Vertica in Eon Mode—The Power of Separating Compute and Storage in the Cloud.

Not on AWS? No problem. Vertica is also available through the Azure and Google Cloud Platform marketplaces, on-premises, or on Apache Hadoop.