2020 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Denodo Technologies

View From the Top by Ravi Shankar Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

In 2020, Logical Data Fabric has captured the attention of CIOs, architects, and data scientists. Logical Data Fabric, with Data Virtualization at its core, is a modern data architecture that knits together data from disparate systems irrespective of its location, format, or latency and delivers the integrated, normalized data quickly to the business users to effect faster outcomes.

The Logical Data Fabric features three advanced capabilities. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate the integration, cataloging, and delivery of enterprise data thus reducing the amount of effort, resources, and time required to do the same work manually. With a dynamic data catalog that stores the semantic (business) definition of all data, the fabric enables business users to rapidly perform data discovery, view associations and relationships among the data like customers and products, and trace the history and lineage of the data from its origin to its current state. Finally, the fabric delivers data to the business users in the format they need—within their favorite business applications and mobile/ web applications.

Large successful companies use the Logical Data Fabric to perform many important business transformation initiatives. Increasingly, many organizations are adopting the Logical Data Fabric to enable their infrastructure modernization efforts like migration to hybrid multi-cloud environments to lower costs. Many other organizations use it for important data science projects to discover previously unknown insights because all of the enterprise data is now available in a single view. Logical Data Fabric, using Data Virtualization, is a must-have framework in an organization’s modern architecture.

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