View From the Top by Rob Reinauer Director of Product Management

The steady growth in the diversity of database deployments, from virtualization to private clouds to public clouds to hybrid clouds, continues to introduce new challenges and risks to effectively maintain database performance, availability, compliance and security.

Within corporate data centers, for decades, IT staff followed defined, established procedures based on years of experience. Extending these procedures and best practices to address deployments in public and hybrid cloud infrastructures remains an ongoing process, given early codification.

These realities make it a business necessity for companies to adopt tools which automate the management and monitoring of the availability, performance, security and compliance status for all of their data assets regardless of deployment location.

Founded in 2003, IDERA provides industry-leading database management and data modeling tools which provide a single point of control for managing and monitoring the availability, performance, security and compliance status of all deployed SQL Server instances. These tools monitor thousands of Windows server instances deployed across physical hardware, virtual machines, Azure and AWS.

For many thousands of customers around the world, this centralized automation and control, coupled with ease of use and complete deployment flexibility, enables management across any combination of data center and cloud infrastructure. This radically lowers the cost of ownership for large-scale deployments of data and compute infrastructures.

For more than fifteen years, IDERA focused on turbo-charging our customers’ productivity by lowering ownership costs for data infrastructure deployments. This commitment drives continued and growing demand for IDERA tools.