2020 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Kore Technologies

View From the Top by Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Are you not wearing pants? OK, I admit, working from home has advantages: saving on gas, shaving cream, and water with fewer showers and laundry loads. For Kore Technologies, it was easy to switch to a 100% virtual office, but for many companies, it was not. Supply chains have been disrupted, deliveries delayed, and foot traffic slowed to a crawl, that is, if the store wasn’t closed entirely. Let’s face it, all of us got caught off-guard by this invisible enemy. Fortunately, we are turning a corner and things are normalizing again. But what is the new normal? This pandemic has opened our eyes to vulnerabilities, and we need to re-think how we do business with agility and preparedness for the next time.

Are you too dependent on the brick-and-mortar stores? Are you too reliant on paper-based workflows and in-person collaboration? Is your inventory at optimal levels? Do you have alternate sources for critical supplies? Can you receive payments electronically to keep cashflow steady? And as you learn what the new normal is for your business, will you be able to detect new trends and adapt quickly?

“We need to re-think how we do business with agility and preparedness.”

Whatever deficiencies you identify, Kore Technologies is here to help. Our award-winning Kourier Integrator Data Management Suite can integrate your back-office with new innovative products in real-time or maintain a data warehouse for better business analytics. Our award-winning KommerceServer eCommerce platform offers a modern online experience for your customers to do business, which can be expanded beyond a storefront.

Now let’s all put our pants back on and get to work! Safely, of course.

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