2020 VIEW FROM THE TOP: LicenseFortress

View From the Top by Michael Corey Co-founder

LicenseFortress is honored to be recognized by DBTA as an industry leader on the 2020 DBTA 100 list.

The world of software licensing is growing increasingly complex, especially in today’s virtual and cloud-fueled environments. Market research firms are reporting that software compliance audits are continuing to intensify and are primarily revenue motivated. Oracle has made a name for itself in this space as one of the most aggressive auditors of any major software vendor. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are facing severe reductions in revenue. We anticipate that, post-pandemic, software vendors will increase the volume of audits as a quick way to recoup lost revenue.

While we believe Oracle is a powerful platform for your business, we understand the impact on business operations and the financial strain that arrive as a result of a poor audit outcome. LicenseFortress’ integrated approach—including real-time software asset management, through proprietary technology, and the leading technical licensing experts who understand complex architectures—generates up to a 30% reduction in licensing costs during the first year alone.

And that’s just the beginning.

Our technical and legal expertise has afforded us the ability to provide aggressive, yet compliant solutions that satisfy the customer’s contractual obligation. Our process saves customers 125% more than traditional software asset management solutions, averaging upwards of $2.9M (USD).

While other license consultants provide similar services, they are not held to any standard should they provide incomplete or incorrect advice. Furthermore, many of these consultants are Oracle partners and profit from selling additional licenses, creating a blatant conflict of interest. LicenseFortress, independent from any Oracle affiliation, offers the industry’s only financial guarantee, ensuring that we have no competing interests and eliminating any risk of audit liabilities.

Get back to focusing on what is important and let LicenseFortress handle your Oracle compliance.

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