2020 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Vertica

View From the Top by JOY KING VP, Product & GTM Strategy

The team at Vertica is working hard to help our customers win big with data. We’re doing that in three big ways in 2020.

Massive data lakes built on HDFS combined with the growth of cloud object storage have resulted in data silos.

Organizations that can unify their data are in a better position to drive business outcomes, ensuring that the time and expense to store and manage data is worthwhile. Vertica’s analytics platform reaches data wherever it lives—whether HDFS or Cloud Object Storage—and in whatever format it is stored—ORC, Parquet, JSON, or native Vertica. You get the full scale and power of a unified analytics data warehouse combined with the flexibility of an analytical query tool.

The ability to leverage cloud architecture, which separates compute from storage, and meeting the demand for hybrid deployments are the advantages of Vertica in Eon Mode. Available on AWS and Google Cloud but also for on-premises data centers leveraging Pure Storage FlashBlade technology, Vertica in Eon Mode enables variable workloads, workload isolation, and simplified operations. It also helps companies with large investments in Hadoop continue to get value by using HDFS as communal storage.

Finally, in a world where accurate predictions and proactive actions have never been more important, Vertica helps organizations operationalize machine learning. With an MPP architecture designed for the highest performance on the largest data sets, Vertica’s in-database machine learning functionality, combined with advanced analytics including time and event series, pattern matching, and geospatial analytics, turn data science projects into business value.

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