2020 VIEW FROM THE TOP: erwin, Inc.

View From the Top by Adam Famularo CEO

The coronavirus has forced organizations to adjust their business models, work practices and revenue projections. But the real challenges in a post-COVID world involve accelerating recovery and crisis-proofing organizations to mitigate the impact of “the next big thing.”

A data-driven approach has never been more valuable to addressing the complex yet foundational questions enterprises must answer. Incorrect, incomplete or misunderstood data turns these “what if” exercises into “WTF” solutions. Organizations that have their data management, data governance and data intelligence houses in order are much better positioned to respond to these challenges and thrive in whatever their new normal turns out to be.

Data equals truth, and truth matters. At erwin, data is our business. And data governance is where our core capabilities intersect to help customers see and understand how data flows through and impacts their business, technical and data architectures.

Our software platform creates an “enterprise data governance experience” by integrating enterprise modeling, data catalog and data literacy capabilities. With the erwin EDGE, organizations can get a handle on their data—what it is, where it is, how it moves and transforms, and if there are any sensitivities.

As the data governance company, we help our customers automate and accelerate their speed to meaningful insights they can put to work—because today when it comes to risk management, innovation and transformation, there’s no time to waste.

erwin, Inc.