2021 VIEW FROM THE TOP: CData Software

View From the Top by Eric Madariaga, CMO

The shift to SaaS, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments is creating a massive data fragmentation problem for Enterprise IT. Unlocking value from data is critical to modern business success; yet, as organizations shift more of their infrastructure to the cloud, data has become more decentralized and challenging to work with.

CData Software ( is a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions. We simplify connectivity between all of the applications and data sources that power business operations, making it easier to unlock the strategic value of your data. Our standards-based connectivity streamlines data access and insulates customers from the complexities of SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data integration. By focusing on established standards for data access, our solutions plug into all of the business applications that you use today (like BI, Reporting, ETL, & Integration) and connect them with live data from just about anywhere.

Leading vendors across data management, and thousands of organizations around the globe trust CData to easily connect, integrate, and automate their critical business data – whether on-premises or in the cloud. Unmatched performance and rapid time-to-value allow IT, DevOps, data scientists, and other non-technical users to enhance their data ecosystem without the time and expense of re-tooling. With offerings such as CData Connect, CData Sync, and CData ArcESB, we help customers in any industry solve even the most complex
data access, data fragmentation, and data integration challenges.

CData Software