2021 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Dremio

View From the Top by Anita Pandey, Chief Marketing Officer

One of the great paradoxes of gleaning insights from data is how to create closed loop analysis in an open context, fast changing world. The other paradox is how to democratize data accessibility while maintaining security and governance.

I joined Dremio precisely because it eliminates these constraints, lowering the innovation barrier by making data-driven decisions accessible to companies of all sizes.

Dremio’s data lake house service delivers fast analytics directly on cloud data lakes, eliminating the need to copy and move data from data lakes into proprietary data warehouses or create cubes, aggregation tables and BI extracts. Notably, its “no copy’ architecture dramatically reduces the cost, complexity and vulnerabilities associated with data copies. Moreover, because Dremio is built on an open architecture, it also allows customers to exercise greater ownership over their data and the flexibility to use multiple best-of-breed services and engines.

In summary, Dremio’s reimagined lakehouse service drastically simplifies the data architecture, without the vendor lock-in of cloud data warehouses, providing:

  • Lightning-fast queries directly on data lake storage: 4-100x faster performance compared to traditional data lake engines like Presto.
  • A self-service semantic layer
  • Flexibility and openness
  • Deep infrastructure cost savings

Dremio is experiencing exponential growth due to rapidly evolving business conditions in which enterprises require an efficient, cost-effective approach to accelerate their digital transformations. The Dremio customer roster includes brands such as UBS, NCR, and Henkel and Dremio has forged partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon, Tableau, and PowerBI.