View From the Top by Anthony Brooks-Williams, CEO


“Technology is the engine of digital transformation, data is the fuel, process is the guidance system, and organizational change capability is the landing gear. You need them all, and they must function well together.”—Thomas Davenport, Harvard Business Review

More so now than ever before, organizations need the ability to integrate large volumes of essential business data in order to better predict, plan, and respond. In these unprecedented times, we're seeing organizations flock to the cloud to accelerate their digital transformations strategies, seeking flexible, scalable cloud solutions to harness the full power of their data. Real-time data, specifically, is a key part of these strategies—the availability of fresh data helps our customers’ organizations quickly adapt and respond to rapidly changing environments and evolving needs.

To expand on Davenport’s quote, if data is the fuel, HVR’s real-time data replication technology is the engine, enabling fast adoption of cloud technologies. Our solution’s scalable distributed architecture and broad platform support gives our customers the flexibility they need to integrate data securely between multiple cloud platforms and on-prem data sources, breaking down data silos and supporting analytic decisions that reduce risk, optimize opportunities, and ultimately allow organizations to better serve their customers.

Driven by low-impact log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) technology, HVR enables efficient high-volume data streaming between multiple on-premise systems such as SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL Server, and Db2 z/OS, and modern cloud-based systems such as Snowflake, AWS, Azure, and GCP. Further, HVR’s data validation feature ensures data is accurate and in-sync.

With HVR, customers get an easily implemented, highly scalable solution that enables the access to the real-time data needed to modernize, remain agile, and succeed in an ever-changing environment. For more information on how HVR can accelerate your digital transformation, visit