2021 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Immuta

View From the Top by Matt Carroll's, Founder & CEO

We’re living in the data-as-product era. Today’s modern cloud data technologies allow organizations to truly unlock, compete with, and monetize their data. But with more people accessing and merging data — including sensitive data — “little data” products are being created at an exponential rate. Managing and scaling data access to thousands of cloud data products with manual, role-based access controls is no longer feasible.

Originating from a mission within the U.S. Intelligence community, Immuta is a universal cloud data access control platform that helps data teams democratize and unlock more data across cloud services to accelerate data-driven business outcomes. While many companies strip out sensitive data entirely or severely restrict access, Immuta provides a data ‘dimmer switch,’ enabling self-service data access while preserving value — without violating privacy or business rules.

Immuta’s automated approach to data access control can be deployed natively across cloud compute platforms, BI dashboards, analytics tools, and data science notebooks, with no data copying required. Additionally, our integrated privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) mask, randomize, or redact data as it is queried, accelerating data outcomes while ensuring consistent, always-on data privacy protection. These dynamic controls allow data teams to access and share both internal and third-party data, without risk of unauthorized access or use.

Immuta powers the data ecosystems of some of the world’s largest data-driven organizations, as well as several of the most innovative software companies building analytics and machine-learning as a service products. For our customers, data IS a product, and they’re building their DataOps workflows around Immuta to enable consistent access control. Our data-driven customers can now do more with their data, while also doing right with their data.