2021 VIEW FROM THE TOP: LicenseFortress

View From the Top by Michael Corey Co-founder

LicenseFortress is honored to be recognized by DBTA as an industry leader on the 2021 DBTA 100 list.

As an industry leader, we are proud of the changes the presence of LicenseFortress in the marketplace has helped orchestrate. We have never sold Oracle licenses; furthermore, we purposefully did not seek an endorsement or accreditation from Oracle for LicenseFortress Discovery, our proprietary software asset management (SAM) tool. We sought to make these distinctions, as too often license consultants are also software resellers, where they stand to make more money off the licenses they sold—in our opinion, a direct conflict of interest.

LicenseFortress was created to solve industry problems customers were experiencing with the available solutions on the market. Both SAM tools and license consultants worked as partial remedies, many of which represented significant flaws. However, simply pairing a license consultant with a SAM tool ultimately fails to produce a comprehensive solution sophisticated enough to understand complex architectures— commonplace in today’s cloud and virtualized markets.

At LicenseFortress, our license experts are some of the top Oracle technologists in the world. We optimize a customer’s Oracle deployment with a deep understanding of the contractual obligation to maximize customer savings. Our unparalleled combination of our SAM tool, license expertise, and deep technologists enable LicenseFortress to offer the industry’s first financial guarantee and legal backing represented by Beeman & Muchmore—the legal duo who represented Mars Inc. v Oracle Corp.

Just as the vendor audit playbook from companies like Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft, is constantly changing—we are committed at LicenseFortress to keep evolving and improving our service offering to exceed the needs of our customers. Today, a typical customer pays $50K for our Compliance and Optimization Review and yields over $3.2M in savings.