2021 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Magnitude Software

View From the Top by Paul Young, Chief Revenue Officer

The pace of change, or what I refer to as the “half-life of technology,” is constantly shrinking and businesses are propelling a giant pendulum swing in new technology adoption. In parallel, we have the continued migration to the cloud and SaaS as datastores. Where we used to buy applications and databases separately, today, as we move to SaaS, it’s not always clear what the database is.

Despite this exponential growth of applications and data sources, users actually have less access to the data they need for real-time business analysis. This is an area in which businesses need the most urgent help—connecting enterprise applications and data sources—wherever they reside—to extract value from their data so they can survive and thrive at the speed of change.

Businesses need the flexibility to quickly connect to a myriad of dynamic data sources as needed. As such, data connectivity should be scalable, simple to manage, seamlessly updated and secure—this is our value proposition for Magnitude Simba, Magnitude’s Connectivity solution. We offer a complete data connectivity solution portfolio delivering data access to and from applications, data platforms, databases—virtually any data source—efficiently and effectively.

More than ever, trust and reliability are the currency for business, and we’ve established our reputation as the highest quality provider. Beyond speed and price, quality matters for customers. With that in mind we’re honored to be the industry choice for standards-based data access. Our customers rely on us as the trusted partner to meet their demands for accessing and connecting to data from any data source. Today, we run trillions of transactions on our software for enterprises and software vendors alike.

About Magnitude Software

Data is the fuel that powers the modern enterprise. Our mission is to help companies turn their core business data into continuous intelligence, providing actionable insights to shorten the path from data to decision. We enable our customers to connect data across enterprise applications and business processes including supply chain, finance and order management. Our relentless focus on innovation, customer experience and solving business problems is why more than 1,300 enterprises around the world trust Magnitude to put the power of their data into the hands of their business users.