2021 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Sisense

View From the Top by Ashley Kramer, CPO & CMO

Companies globally are grappling with the realities of the new normal. Along with the continued impact of the pandemic, they must handle more complex digital business models and rapidly become data-first businesses to accelerate renewal and drive innovation. Sisense is well-positioned to help any business, large or small, optimize resources, reinvent processes, rethink products and act on their data at the right time, every time.

Sisense Fusion’s AI-driven analytics platform enables businesses to infuse intelligence everywhere. In a data-first world, Sisense helps businesses accelerate analytics adoption by providing users with analytical building blocks they can use to share insights and make better, faster decisions. Its unique, high-performing elastic engine simplifies handling complex data analysis, while AI capabilities throughout bring more contextual awareness and actionable intelligence to anyone when and where they need it. Businesses can build personalized analytical experiences with Sisense’s highly extensible platform with best-in-class APIs, for any application or workflow. The platform also provides a cloud-native architecture designed for scale and flexibility to deliver on premise, in the cloud or hybrid.

As businesses undergo recovery and reinvention, there are many use cases where Sisense’s power comes to life. By embedding data and analytics deeply within external applications businesses can improve the product experience and empower their customers with more impactful and personalized insights. They can also gain a competitive advantage and can even monetize data. Another Sisense use case is to infuse data and analytics within internal applications like the CRM systems to drive efficiencies within the business and enable actionable outcomes and data-driven decisions.

Over 2,000 global companies, including GitLab, UiPath, Tinder, Nasdaq, GE, Rolls-Royce and Philips Healthcare, rely on Sisense to innovate and drive meaningful change in the world. Make embedded analytics your competitive advantage.

Sisense, Inc.