View From the Top by Steven Mih Cofounder and CEO

As more companies are leveraging the data lake to store their data—unstructured, semi-structured, structured—they need a query processing layer to run SQL on that data. Presto is poised to become the de facto SQL query engine of choice for running on the data lake, and more importantly the engine for the Open Data Lakehouse which enables data warehouse workloads on the data lake.

Ahana Cloud is the only SaaS for Presto on AWS. It makes Presto easy for data teams of all sizes, and in under an hour you can have Presto up and running in the cloud. Before Ahana, engineering cycles could take weeks and even months to get something like Presto into production. That time is dramatically reduced to just hours, which is incredibly powerful.

By abstracting away the complexities of deployment, configuration and management, data platform teams can now deploy ‘self-service’ Presto for the Open Data Lakehouse. Users are looking for analytics without being locked-in to proprietary data warehouses. This offering brings a SaaS open source analytics option to users with Presto at its core, using open formats and open interfaces.