2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: DBI Software

View From the Top by Ousama Shamma CEO

DBI provides software solutions worldwide that help organizations achieve their database Performance objectives. Customers commonly report dramatic ROI within the first few hours of using DBI tools demonstrated by CPU savings, improved response times, and improved DBA and End User productivity.

DBI boasts many achievements such as saving a health care company $250,000 in one afternoon, solving a performance problem in two hours that two senior DBAs were unable to solve in six months, reducing SAP reporting times from twelve hours to two, and helping top brand-name retailers achieve top-ranked e-commerce performance on Black Friday multiple years in a row.

DBI’s secret sauce is patented technology combined with a bulletproof methodology that delivers real, positively impactful, measurable ROI within days. DBI’s Performance Management Suite for DB2 and SQL Server brings performance inefficiencies, issues, and solutions to light that other tools and scripts don’t find, usually within a few mouse clicks!

DBI Software is your trusted partner for Breakthrough DB2 and SQL Server Performance Solutions that DELIVER INVALUABLE RESULTS for Organizations having the most demanding requirements and discriminating preferences. Achieve improved performance, lower hardware and database license costs, lower energy costs, lower cloud costs, accelerated productivity, higher profits, and ROI in DAYS!

DBI Software