2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: DataStax

View From the Top by Ed Anuff Chief Product Officer

DataStax is the real-time data company with the only open stack that unifies data at rest in Astra DB (built on the world’s most scalable database, Apache Cassandra) and data in motion in Astra Streaming (built on advanced streaming technology, Apache Pulsar) to fuel the real-time data-driven applications that power businesses and our daily lives.

While other data technologies power analytics, DataStax’s open stack empowers developers to build real-time applications faster with developer-ready tools, APIs, and a pay-as-you-go serverless architecture.

Today’s ride sharing and mobile food and beverage apps, streaming services, online gaming, social networks, fraud detection, crypto payments and personalized recommendations on e-commerce sites are all powered by real-time data, and unleashing its value is today’s enterprise superpower.

With DataStax, digital leaders can reap the benefits of a massively scalable, cloud-native open stack that can be deployed on any cloud, hybrid cloud, or Kubernetes, anywhere in the world to automate operational decisions and deliver the instantaneous digital experiences customers demand.

Startup and Fortune 100 companies around the globe partner with DataStax to unleash the data that runs and transforms their business.