2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Denodo Technologies

View From the Top by Ravi Shankar Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

Logical Approach to Data Integration and Data Management

The evolution of data integration and data management has seen an exponential rise in data and a need to make it available to end users in real time. Recently IDC stated that “Only 10% of the Global DataSphere is unique in any given year, the rest is replicated/consumed.” CIOs, CDOs, and other C-level executives are increasingly pressing their teams to find more innovative and cost-effective ways to manage their data estates. The most obvious way is to implement a logical approach to data integration and data management. With a logical approach, data remains in its source location and is accessed through a virtualization layer. This brings many advantages to the business. Forrester identified in their 2021 “The Total Economic Impact™ of Data Virtualization Using the Denodo Platform” report that organizations saw a 67% reduction in development resources, a 65% reduction in time to access data than ETL processes and a less than 6 months return on investment.

The Denodo platform is the best of breed platform to logically connect all of an organizations disparate data source irrespective of location, format, or latency and deliver it as a single unified data discovery layer, underlined by industry leading security and governance capabilities.

At Denodo we see our customers accelerating their adoption of logical data integration, data management, and delivery architecture powered by data virtualization. This is as a direct result of the challenges of managing disparate data across locations, from on-premise to hybrid/multi cloud, helping them prevent data silos and data replication, which is proving to be a highly governed and cost optimized data landscape.

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