2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Empolis Group

View From the Top by Andreas Klüter CEO

Now You Can Make Super-Human Operators Powered by AI

What if machines could recommend the right thing to do next? Now they can with Empolis’ Decision Support Solutions powered by AI:

Empolis Service Express® increases the productivity of service operators with, e.g., fault identification and diagnosis, guided troubleshooting and repair, a central knowledge hub connecting all product knowledge, semantic search, and industrial analytics that can predict faults and automate maintenance.

Empolis Content Express® increases the productivity and capability of product users with intelligent product information, improved product use, and an enhanced customer experience at key customer touchpoints through a single, highly configurable interface.

Empolis Knowledge Express® increases the productivity of knowledge workers by intelligently connecting them with all relevant and available sources of corporate data and knowledge to improve decision-making, develop deeper insights, and eliminate corporate knowledge loss.

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