2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Incorta

View From the Top by Louise Westoby VP of Product Marketing at Incorta

Business urgency and uncertainty are at all-time highs, creating a surge in demand for real-time access to data for analysis. However, the so-called “modern” data pipelines required to make data available to the business are complex and inflexible, limiting insights from perishable data.

It can take weeks or even months to build data pipelines for new data sets. Data engineers must write complex instructions to reshape and aggregate the data simply to achieve acceptable performance. As a result of this process, business agility is lost, as much as 90% of the data is lost, and multiple (possibly inconsistent) data copies are spread across the organization.

Furthermore, what if the business needs to perform a deeper analysis against the data that the aggregate model can’t answer? The link to the original data is lost, so you can’t easily drill down to validate the accuracy of the aggregates.

Incorta changes the game for data practitioners by optimizing the analysis of operational business data. Revolutionary analytics technology eliminates the need to flatten, denormalize, or aggregate data, vastly simplifying the data pipeline, and enabling you to add new data sources in minutes. Non-destructive data preparation retains all usable data down to transaction-level details. Lightning-fast queries against the original data accelerate time to insight, and unmatched data refresh speeds ensure access to the
freshest data.

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