2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Kore Technologies

View From the Top by Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

To mask or not to mask, that is the question. It’s been over two years since the pandemic started. We’re now dealing with smaller remote workforces, supply chain shortages, record inflation, and changing buying habits of businesses and consumers. The only certainty is that no one has a crystal ball to predict what is a transitory fad and what is a long-term trend. Each business must manage to their level of risk tolerance. If your company is still playing it safe, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lock down. It may make sense to unlock your data with Kore’s Kourier Integrator and build a data warehouse that can help you understand how your business is truly being affected and where your focus should be going forward.

Are you still reliant on a traditional brick and mortar model or have a website designed in the ‘90s that gets little traffic? Like it or not, your company’s website is being compared to Amazon, Home Depot, and Grainger, and the buyers are getting younger and more accustomed to modern conveniences. Why not put a new facemask on your company and join the growing community of Kore’s KommerceServer eCommerce platform to rival the features of the popular consumer websites, plus add deep business-to-business integration to set your company apart.

No one has a crystal ball to predict what is a transitory fad and what is a long-term trend.

Maybe you’ve found the third-party application that will unmask your business’s potential. Kourier REST makes building secure best-in-class integrations easier than you think. Have Kore train you how to build your own DIY integrations or leverage Kore’s expertise and resources for a turnkey integrated solution.

Whatever’s right for your company to thrive in these uncertain times, Kore can help you put on a new mask or throw that old mask out for good. The choice is up to you.

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