2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: LicenseFortress

View From the Top by Dr. Michael Corey Co-Founder & COO

Over a decade ago, LicenseFortress started helping companies with software license compliance. When we entered the market, it was common for license consultants to treat vendor policy like a contractual obligation; making more money off the licenses they sold the customer than from the license consulting work they performed—a clear conflict of interest.

Additionally, some software asset management (SAM) tools were so aligned with the software vendor they too were misrepresenting the customers’ effective license position, causing the customer to be over licensed. While a SAM tool is essential, it is not a complete solution to the problem of vendors using software audits to generate revenue; having a license consultant perform an annual compliance audit is too long to let a compliance issue go undiscovered, given the high cost of the software.

We are proud that our choice to remain independent from software vendors and adopt better customer-focused business practices has influenced the industry positively—reflected in our net promoter score of 92.3%. When LicenseFortress brought the ArxPlatform to market it was the industry’s first Oracle SAM managed service backed with a financial guarantee. Today LicenseFortress also helps customers with VMware, IBM, and Microsoft software compliance. And most recently the ArxPlatform Microsoft edition is now available for customers.