2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Melissa

View From the Top by Bud Walker Melissa VP, Enterprise Sales & Strategy

Address Data Quality is a Game Changer for 2022 and Beyond

Addresses are part of our lives, our culture, and history. We know that the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 started in a barn at 137 Dekoven Street. We know who lived at 129 West 81st St—Jerry, Kramer, and Newman—and the significance of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed how crucial addresses are when home deliveries exploded as shoppers sought socially distant options for acquiring goods and services. It’s important that our modern, digital economy have access to high quality, precise address data to help make sure emergency services get to us quickly, help us register to vote, qualify for welfare or social services, verify identities, and prevent fraud. The address is truly the bedrock of today’s data infrastructure.

For 37+ years, businesses have relied on Melissa for the tools and services that ensure accurate and precise address data. We have perfected the Melissa Address Key (MAK)—a persistent address key technology that catalogs every street address. You can use MAKs to manage and link addresses in your database for analytics, enrichment, mapping, risk assessment, resource allocation, and more. Melissa’s Address Verification, Geocoding, Personator, and U.S. Property Web services can accept MAKs as an input, making it a breeze to update, enrich, and match addresses in your database. Solutions like MAK help make future innovation simpler and remove the barriers that stifle progress. At Melissa, we are hard at work addressing the world’s challenges by bringing more precise data right to your doorstep.