2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Progress

View From the Top by Todd Wright Global Product Marketing, DataDirect Solutions, Progress

Data is everywhere and being produced at a rate unseen in human history. What will separate the companies that succeed during these times from those that will be left behind? The ability to successfully harness that data for better operation controls and analytical insights.

Enter DataDirect.

DataDirect has been a leader in the data connectivity space for decades. We enable organizations to access the data they need, whether it be from traditional data warehouses to a wide variety of other sources such as MarTech, SaaS providers, and unstructured text—to name only a few.

But our ability to help organizations doesn’t end there. DataDirect works seamlessly with leading BI and Analytics vendors (in fact 80% of BI vendors partner with DataDirect) to take their critical data and populate into established BI and Analytics programs.

This is why customers across the globe are taking advantage of two of our most popular connectivity tools: Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) and Autonomous REST Connector.

HDP connects to data in the cloud and behind a corporate firewall. HDP brings manageability to your data with single sign-on identity-based controls for teams or individuals, universal client connectivity (ODBC, JDBC, OData, REST) and much more. Autonomous REST Connector creates connectors with minimal coding to keep up with ever-evolving APIs. All this, along with our other connectivity solutions, makes DataDirect your solution of choice for the data dominated world we live in.