View From the Top by James Fisher Chief Product Officer

Businesses are pivoting from the past few years of reaction mode to becoming more deliberate and intentional in decision making, while being adaptable in their paths and methods.

That shift is empowering everyone to use data more proactively. Qlik has continually introduced capabilities into our cloud platform to help customers create an end-to-end analytics data pipeline that seizes the full opportunity of their data. In this new era of deliberate disruption, companies must take their data, free it, find it, understand it, and then activate it in the moment to deliver real change.

We’ve addressed key customer pain points with innovation that realizes data’s full potential across the organization. Qlik Forts™ breaks down data silos by extending the value of Qlik Cloud to all an organization’s data, regardless of where it resides. Qlik AutoML™ enhances our leading Augmented Analytics capabilities with machine learning for analytics teams to easily generate models, make predictions, and test scenarios. Qlik Application Automation® enables analytics workflows to accelerate time to value and drive immediate action. Together with new Catalog KPIs and Lineage Connectors, and our upcoming innovations with Direct Query and cloud data services, Qlik continues to deliver innovations that make it easier than ever to leverage the cloud across the business for data-driven decision making.

Now is the time to take advantage of Qlik’s end-to-end cloud data and analytics platform and our constant innovations that enable organizations to transform raw data into informed action and, in turn, dynamically drive disruption.