2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Revelation

View From the Top by Mike Ruane President & CEO

Haven’t things changed in the last twelve months? Covid seems to be less prevalent in most areas, but with war in Ukraine, Inflation, and higher gas and food prices, things are hardly ‘Normal’—however you’d define that.

While some of the new technological advances seem to be with AI’s, or grid storage batteries, we at Revelation Software continue to do what we do best—help our customers and users with their data. Whether being entered by users, or being harvested across the web, we help our customers store, analyze, interpret, and display their data.

We’re working on our latest OpenInsight 10 versions, getting ready to help our customers upgrade from prior versions, as their end of support dates loom at the end of Q1 next year. We want to reduce their anxiety and let them know that we’ll be here to help them and support them and help future-proof their systems.

We know that finances have gotten tighter for several our customers, and we are being as understanding as we can be. We’re providing longer terms on existing contracts or extending expiration dates until they can get a better footing under them. Things are tougher all over, for a lot of us, and we’re helping as much as we can, in our little corner of the world.

Customer expectations and needs change, because of changes that affect all of us. Developers need a product that lets them leverage their experience and skills, from wherever they are. We believe that we’ve made OpenInsight a product that lets this happen.

Go to and give us a try. We’ll be there for you when you need us.