2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: TimeXtender

View From the Top by Heine Krog Iversen CEO

TimeXtender empowers you to build a modern data estate 10x faster by eliminating manual coding and complex tool stacks.

If you’ve heard of Squarespace or Shopify, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a low-code, drag-and-drop “builder”. These tools provide a simple, intuitive user interface, while automatically generating all the underlying code.

We believe your data integration tool should be just as simple and automated, freeing you up with more time to execute on what matters most.

With our low-code data estate builder, you can quickly integrate your siloed data into a data lake, model your data warehouse, and define data marts for multiple BI tools & endpoints—all within a simple, drag-and-drop user interface.

TimeXtender seamlessly overlays your data storage infrastructure, connects to any data source, and integrates all the powerful data preparation capabilities you need into a single, unified solution.

Because all code and documentation are generated automatically, you can reduce build costs by 70%, free data teams from manual, repetitive tasks, and empower BI and analytics experts to easily create their own data products—no more bottlenecks.

We do this for one simple reason: because time matters.