2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Ahana, an IBM company

View From the Top by Steven Mih, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, Ahana

Touted as the best of both the data warehouse and data lake worlds, the Data Lakehouse can give you the flexibility, scale and cost management benefits of the data lake coupled with the data management capabilities of the data warehouse.

However, one of the biggest challenges to take advantage of a Data Lakehouse is vendor lock-in. A solution to that is what we call the Open Data Lakehouse - a lakehouse architecture made up of open technologies and open formats that allow you to plug and play based on your needs.

Presto is a critical piece of the Open Data Lakehouse. One of the most popular engines in the market, Presto is an open source SQL query engine that enables fast, ad hoc and interactive analytics for the Open Data Lakehouse. Join the Presto community Slack channel to learn more about Presto and how it’s being used to power some of the largest Data Lakehouses in the world.

At Ahana, an IBM company, we’re building an AI and data platform called watsonx to help organizations build and scale AI. Part of that platform is a data store built on an open data lakehouse architecture called that enables enterprises to easily unify and govern their structured and unstructured data, wherever it resides, for high performance AI and analytics. At the heart of is Presto. Learn more at