2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Composable Analytics, Inc.

View From the Top by Andy Vidan (CEO) and Lars Fiedler (CTO), Composable Analytics, Inc.

In the era of Enterprise AI, organizations are investing in robust data architectures that prioritize data access, quality, observability, agility, collaboration, and scalability. A composable data mesh architecture, enabled by the Composable DataOps Platform, provides a flexible and modular approach to data management and allows for better monitoring and control over the data. This leads to improved data quality, reliability, and consistency, which are essential for delivering AI applications.

The Composable DataOps Platform is designed to meet the needs of forward-thinking organizations that demand better data access, quality, observability, agility, collaboration, and scalability.

The Composable DataOps Platform is a comprehensive integrated development environment that provides a set of tools and capabilities to build modern data environments and support the various stages of the DataOps lifecycle – from data ingestion to data delivery. One of the key hallmarks of the Composable platform is its ability to establish a single gateway to an organization’s data assets, connecting disparate data infrastructure, including data warehouses, data lakes, and other data storage and processing systems. Users are able to organize and manage data assets, regardless of where they are stored or how they are structured, run live queries, and build data products. In addition to its powerful data integration capabilities, Composable DataOps Platform also provides advanced tooling to rapidly build and deploy data-intensive ML applications that allow organizations to deliver operational AI solutions.

The Composable platform streamlines and accelerates data workflows, improves collaboration and communication between data professionals and business users, and enables a data mesh that can help distribute the workload and make it easier to scale data operations as needed. With its scalability and flexibility, the Composable DataOps Platform empowers organizations to drive innovation, value, and competitive advantage through the effective application of DataOps principles and practices.

Composable Analytics, Inc.