2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Denodo Technologies

View From the Top by Ravi Shankar Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

A Logical Approach to Data Integration and Data Management

Businesses are coming to terms with the fact that data is inherently distributed. Traditional data management approaches rely
on physically replicating it, from a growing number of data sources, into a data warehouse or a data lake, for analysis. But after many years of attempting to physically consolidate data, businesses are realizing that it is not only time-consuming and costly but also ultimately impossible. Some data will always remain separate, if only for compliance reasons.

The Denodo Platform uses a different approach—a logical data management approach—which enables real-time access to distributed data sources, without replication. In addition to providing real-time access, this approach greatly reduces many data management expenses, including those related to storage and the extended development of extract, transform, and load (ETL) scripts. It also simplifies many aspects of administration, such as enabling organizations to implement data governance and security protocols across the entire data ecosystem, through a single interface.

The logical data management approach is flexible because it can work alongside existing infrastructure such as data warehouses, cloud repositories, and ETL processes. With a logical approach, businesses can embrace the inherently distributed nature of data and leverage it for the most demanding modern use cases.

For example, our customers use the Denodo Platform to enable self-service BI and advanced analytics, easily integrate hybrid/multi-cloud systems, and rapidly develop enterprise data services. Our platform also provides the foundation for modern architectures like logical data warehouses, data fabric, and data mesh.

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