2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Empolis

View From the Top by Andreas Klüter CEO

Excellent customer service requires excellent service technicians. They solve technical issues all over the world and every day. As machines become more complex, repair and maintenance become a team task. Therefore, experts increasingly share their knowledge via digital channels. Unfortunately, this is usually not done in a structured way, so that most of this knowledge is subsequently lost.

The AI-based expert system Empolis Service Express® provides customer service with a knowledge-based system for managing all technical know-how. The AI-based expert system prevents knowledge drain and empowers service technicians and service partners with less experience to carry out complex repairs and rectify faults. Service challenges such as shortage of skilled workers and employee turnover are overcome.

With Empolis Service Express®, chats are automatically created for each problem, and relevant experts are identified based on their skills. Thus, chat-participants can solve problems fast and add useful attachments such as videos or photos of affected machine parts. The solutions worked out can then be published directly or edited into professional knowledge articles with just a few clicks. All content, attachments, and meta data are automatically transferred. At the same time, semantic artificial intelligence (knowledge graphs) links the developed solutions or preset knowledge articles to the underlying knowledge model. Thus, expert knowledge is quickly digitalized and preserved within the organization. Thanks to auto translate, knowledge articles can be communicated and used worldwide. With Empolis Service Express® service technicians solve the most complex problems, enable new colleagues to get started quickly, and promote team spirit.