2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Melissa

View From the Top by Bud Walker Melissa VP, Enterprise Sales & Strategy

Metadata-enabled AI offers high confidence data quality, enrichment, automation

Effective application of metadata is increasingly recognized as a critical capability for data quality, integration, data management, and business applications. To meet its promise for business value, metadata must be current, accurate, appropriately precise and it must be usefully applied.

Over the past several years, advanced AI applications like ChatGPT have relied on machine learning across massive training data sets to emulate human communication, passing the once daunting “Turing test” along the way. However, there are risks with machine learning on big data, including inaccurate creation of new content, manufactured references, and spurious outcomes expressed confidently. Melissa has developed AI-enabled tools and services that ensure accurate and precise applications of metadata. Metadata and ontology-enabled machine reasoning provides high confidence data quality, profiling, classification, enrichment, management, and analytics. This supports improved discovery, risk assessment, resource allocation, and more.

Unison by Melissa® is a visual low-code data quality platform that supports metadata-enabled “smart, sharp” API-based data quality products, as well as more advanced AI applications. This makes it easier to create and apply tightly targeted data quality functions as well as automated pipelines, employing AI-enabled semantic languages, metadata rich knowledgebases, and knowledge graph frameworks. Solutions like Unison help stimulate both efficiency and innovation, opening up possibilities for transformational end-to-end data quality, enrichment, management, automation, and missioncritical applications.

At Melissa, we are leaders in practically useful innovation, bringing metadata-enabled AI and semantic capabilities to your fingertips for improved data quality, enrichment, automation, and business outcomes.