2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Prophecy

View From the Top by Raj Bains Founder CEO

As enterprises continue to explore new opportunities to deliver game-changing innovations, the role of data has never been more critical. However, fully realizing the value of data is easier said than done. Legacy ETL systems and over-burdened centralized engineering and data platform teams can often result in a roadblock toward much-needed business insights and high-value data products.

To mitigate this problem, enterprises are looking to the democratization of data. What used to be the job for highly technical data engineers is beginning to open up more and more to business data users, all looking to access and transform data to identify opportunities that can move the business forward. According to Gartner, the low-code application development market is expected to reach $15.5 billion by 2023, “indicating a growing demand for low-code SQL solutions as businesses look for ways to reduce costs, lessen the burden on data engineering, and increase efficiencies.”

Prophecy aims to democratize getting value from data by cracking the hard problem of data transformation for analytics that takes up 90% of the time of all data practitioners. Through a low-code platform that converts visual pipelines into open source Spark and SQL code, all data users can visually produce data pipelines at parity with best-in-class data engineers, making it easy to feed high-quality data to analytics and machine learning use cases.

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