2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: RightData

View From the Top by Vasu Sattenapalli CEO & Cofounder

RightData’s DataMarket Has Found Its Place in Modern Data Management

Imagine a world where data consumers have one place to instantly go to discover, search and securely gain access to data. It may sound incredible, but it is a reality today with the advent of the modern DataMarket.

Traditionally, data has been a complex asset requiring significant resources to acquire, process, and analyze it. Modern data management teams are now embracing a new approach called the “DataMarket,” which allows business users to access data faster using high-quality data products from a variety of sources with just a few clicks. We now see data creation much like media programs, where there are producers and consumers within each company, creating even greater value.

Search. Discover. Use. With the ability to create, publish and provide data products into an internal marketplace, data producers drive an environment where consumers discover, explore, and use data for insights and decision-making. This plays into both data mesh and data fabric frameworks as well as for batch and streaming data working in tandem with processing, storage, and query. But the marketplace is far simpler to use and responds to any request – “Let me find my data and use it to do something meaningful, now.”

Data Products. Using dynamic data as “data products” (essentially packaged data sets or insights) the DataMarket also creates new revenue streams and provides consumers data to solve specific business problems. When you add fast-paced AI and machine learning, the value of getting the right data at the right time is what a new modern DataMarket also guarantees. Finally, enhanced data quality as a key ingredient completes the process into a trustable data product.

  This is all made possible with integrated data catalogs that help consumers access data, an engine powered by sophisticated search algorithms to find data with specific criteria (data type, source, and quality), and a no-code approach for ease of use. RightData has made the commitment to the DataMarket and we look forward to sharing our approach. Contact us today to talk or get a demo at