2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: RudderStack

View From the Top by Soumyadeb Mitra CEO

Today data teams are working hard to make every project and every piece of data count. Companies are accelerating projects that leverage data to become more revenue efficient, like personalization and churn reduction, but they’re also scrutinizing expenses to ensure every piece of technology pulls its weight and drives value.

RudderStack—the Warehouse Native CDP—provides the infrastructure required to build a more cost-effective data stack while enabling teams to ship data projects that drive revenue. RudderStack combines real-time event streaming and ETL pipelines with Reverse ETL capabilities in a single platform, making it easy to collect and send customer data to the tools and teams that need it.

With over 200 out of the box integrations and flexible data transformation features, RudderStack enables data teams to build a CDP on top of their existing data warehouse.

The warehouse-native approach means RudderStack does not store any data, so you get full ownership and transparency, and its identity resolution features automatically build a complete view of your customer on your data warehouse, so you can ship powerful data projects that move the needle.

Cloud data warehouses have solved the data problem, and business tools are better than ever. Now is the time for a robust layer that completes the relationship between the data stack and the business stack—visit to try the Warehouse Native CDP today.