2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Satori

View From the Top by Eldad Chai is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Satori Cyber

Satori is a unique data security platform that enables users to streamline access to data in a simple way while keeping security and compliance requirements at bay. Satori users get a single centralized data portal to view all available datasets. Users then select the desired datasets through automated self-service workflows and obtain data access quickly and easily with sensitive data protected according to the organization’s security policies.

Satori’s simplicity and ease of implementation make it a valuable tool for security and data teams. With Satori, organizations can achieve data security and compliance requirements without needing to invest significant time, effort, and resources in complex infrastructure changes or sacrificing productivity.

Satori’s secure and automated access to data enables businesses to accelerate projects such as cloud data migration, data modernization, and compliance projects. Companies can also define fine-grained policies that govern access to data and maintain data privacy and confidentiality, even in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. Self-service access (with Slack, Jira, and other integrations) and just-in-time access controls are key features that significantly increase productivity for security and engineering teams and data customers.

Additionally, Satori provides a single platform where you can combine, analyze, and view all security controls in a single plane, enabling the quick creation, implementation, updating, and changing of access permissions.

Satori simplifies secure data management, to learn more about how Satori can help with your data security needs book a demo with one of our experts.