2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: TimeXtender

View From the Top by Heine Krog Iversen, CEO

The “Modern Data Stack” has failed to deliver on its most basic promise: to help companies build a smarter, faster, more flexible data environment in a timely, cost-effective manner.

In reality, this fragmented approach makes setup, integration, and maintenance incredibly complex and time-consuming. It also drives up costs by requiring additional tools for basic functionality, such as metadata management, modeling, governance, observability, and orchestration. The so-called “Modern Data Stack” has its roots in outdated architectures built for antiquated hardware. We believe it’s time to reimagine what’s possible through simplicity and automation.

You can’t optimize for everything all at once. That’s why we take a holistic approach to data integration that optimizes for agility, not fragmentation. By unifying each layer of the data stack, TimeXtender empowers you to build data solutions 10x faster, while reducing your costs by 70%-80%. TimeXtender is not the tool for you if you want to spend all your time setting up and maintaining a complex, fragmented stack of tools, and then writing and managing all the code it will take to integrate everything together into a single source of truth. However, TimeXtender is the tool of choice for those who simply want to get sh*t done.

TimeXtender is a holistic, metadata-driven solution for data integration. TimeXtender provides all the features you need to build a future-proof data environment capable of ingesting, transforming, modeling, and delivering clean, reliable data in the fastest, most efficient way possible.