2023 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Vertica by OpenText

View From the Top by Steve Sarsfield, Director Product Marketing

ESG is a crucial initiative in most companies today, but the E (environment) component of ESG is your opportunity with Vertica. Vertica is an analytical database that delivers high-performance SQL, advanced analytics, and machine learning in one platform. Vertica can store 10-30 times more data for the same cost with up to 90% data compression, and therefore is very efficient for both costs and ESG initiatives. It can be deployed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure, AWS, VMware clouds, and Kubernetes containers; and runs on-premises with commodity hardware and support for a range of data.

If you want to be more efficient in the analytical servers you use, using fewer servers for the same analytical workload, consider trying Vertica for one or more of your projects. We’ve seen cases where over 200 servers were needed to handle a given analytical workload with other solutions, while Vertica could do the same with a ten-node cluster. As a result, Vertica not only saves on carbon emissions, but can also offer your company exceptional infrastructure cost savings.

Vertica supports advanced analytics functions such as time series analysis, pattern matching, geospatial analysis, and in-database machine learning. Vertica addresses growing data siloes, a mix of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, and the pressing need to operationalize machine learning at scale.

Vertica by OpenText